Online Slots

All you need to know about online slots

Slot machines (known as ‘slots’) are very popular in online casinos. One of the biggest problems people encounter when playing online slots is the sheer variety of slots available. It can be more than a little overwhelming. However, we thought we’d make things a little easier for you by running down some key details about slots and how they work online.

3 reel slots

This is the most basic and recognisable from of online slots. It is a simple 3 line or ‘reel’ machine. The reason why so many new players like these slots is that they are very simple to understand and get to grips with. There are only three reels, and this means that players can easily grab a win because the odds are naturally lower. If you’re stuck for a way into online slots,a good and established 3 reel game is probably the very best place to start.

Progressive Slots

These are very lucrative. The payout from online progressive slots can equal hundreds of thousands of euros. There is usually a very complex set of winning lines and combinations. The money you will have to invest in a progressive will be significantly more than you would for a 3 reel slot, for example. However, this is easily matched by the payout.


Progressive slots build up payouts over time as people lose, with the jackpot growing as more players get involved. This is why you can expect such a massive payout if you do win. Obviously, once someone has won the jackpot goes back down to starting levels. Many progressive players wait until the jackpot is large before investing their money.

Video Slots

These are incredibly exciting to play. The video slot phenomenon has been around for a while now, but every time a new one is released, we’re blown away by the look and feel of the slot. This is because the developers of video slots are continuously trying to bump up graphic quality and the whole audio-visual experience. This leads to much better games, and an attractive looking experience all round.


Video slots are easily the most lucrative for the average or casual player. They have multiple ways to win, and the learning curve isn’t too steep. Players are dazzled with amazing graphics and sound, and also the chance to win big.

Multi-level slots

These are level-based as the name suggests. You can only progress up the levels by winning a round. This means that if you have a particularly bad run, you’re just going to end up losing your money.


The good news about multi-level slots is that the jackpots and payouts can be very big. If someone has the nerve and then luck to progress high up the levels, then they should experience a rather lucrative play session.


Whichever kind of slot machine you play, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience. From three-reel to video slots, there’s a game to suit everyone’s taste and playing style.